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Falcon Cellular - Temperature Sensor Setup

The Falcon supports a range of sensors through its I2C bus. In this article, configuration of the DM temperature sensor will be demonstrated.

First, verify you have wired the DM temperature sensor correctly by consulting the sensor pinout. Note the address of the sensor by assessing the wiring configuration of the green wire.

Next, you will need to enable the sensor on the device in OEM. This is done by adding a system parameter tab which corresponds to the address of the sensor. I.e. select the 'DM Temp Sensor 1' if the sensor address is 1. Select the analogue number of the device which will store the temperature measurement of the sensor. In this case, the temperature measurement will be stored by setting the 'Log Analogue Num' property to 'Input 8'.

This should match the configuration below:

Now that the sensor is configured and enabled, a task schedule must be configured to define when the sensor measures the temperature. This is done by adding a task tab under system parameters. Set an 'Item Type' property to 'DM Temperature Sensor'. 

Suppose it is desired that measurements are performed each hour as well as when the state of digital input 2 changes. To configure the hourly measurement, set the 'Period Unit' property to 'Hours' and the 'Out Of Trip Period' property to '1'. To configure the measurement on digital input 2 state change, set the 'Digital Input Trigger' property to 'Input 2'. 

This should match the configuration below:

Select 'Update' to apply the configuration to the device.

For additional information on configuring task schedules, kindly consult the task schedule guide.

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