Asset Setup - FAQs

Can You Rename an Asset in TG?

Yes! To rename the asset, click on Assets>> Manage Assets on the top menu.

From the Manage Asset screen, select either the name of the asset you wish to rename, or click on the cog on the right hand side and select edit. In this screen you can add or change any Asset information available.

Can you Record Installer details on each Asset?

In the Edit Asset screen, there is a tab named 'Installer.' here you can record the Name and Date of the installer, with any further details in the comments section.

What's the size limit for uploading photos in Asset Details.

When creating or editing an asset you have the ability to add a photo of the asset. The maximum file size limit is 2MB.

Go to Assets->Manage Assets. Click on the asset name. Go to the photo tab.

How do I move an Asset between organisations?

Each Asset cannot be active in more than a single organisation at any one time. Unfortuantely there is no single action to move an asset, rather you'll need to either disable or delete an asset in the Manage Assets section of TG then add it into the new Organisation using Add Asset. Note: Deleting an asset will also delete all the history inside the original organisation, while disabling the asset will keep the history, but not transfer it to the new organisation.

Can you make the Asset Colours change when conditions are met?

Since TG allows the usage of assigning colours to Asset groups, you are also able to utilise different functions with this, aside from having a colourful live tracking view. Once you've assigned the colour to the asset in Manage Assets > Edit Asset, go to Live Tracking view and click on marker colour mode on the right hand menu. you can change this from Classic mode to Asset Colour to have them change colour on the map.

You can also Order by Colour here, and through Admin >> Asset State ConfigĀ you can use colour as an Asset State to signify an event occurrence. See the images below (click to enlarge) for the two screens that show an example of changing an asset state to visually mark the ignition of the device being on. You can enable an Asset State Configuration for any of the asset's I/Os.

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