• Committed

When a device is committed to oem, it has successfully uploaded data records. If the device has a connector set to a software platform, this implies that the data was successfully transferred.

  • Connected

A device is considered to be 'connected' is when it has successfully sent a 'Hello Message' to oemserver.

  • Log Reason

A log reason is the term given to the words used as a label in the log when a record is created. You can modify this string when you assign a Digital I/O in TG.

  • Telemetry

Telemetry is a section in Telematics Guru under the Assets menu. There are two record sections available, Input/Output telemetry and standard display. The IO Telemetry lists the time of the record, the log reason and the status of each IO enabled. The Standard Telemetry view includes the Time, log reason, transmission delay, latitude/longtitude, speed details, directional data and GPS status and the on/off status of any Digital/Analogue IOs in the form of binary.

  • PCB

PCB is an acronym that stands for Printed Circuit Board and all DM devices use PCBs .For more detail, click here for the wiki article.

  • APN

An APN or 'Access Point Name' is simply where the SIM card is pointed to for connection.

  • Digital Matter

Digital Matter is an innovative award-winning technology company that designs and develops embedded electronic devices, white label telematics devices and gps tracking software solutions

  • Partners, Organisations & Users

The hierarchical structure of Telematics Guru is based on three levels, Partners, Organisations and Users. Each Partner can have multiple organisations, which in turn can have multiple users, which can also be mapped to multiple organisations. a flow chart is shown below, for more information, check out the Getting Started - Telematics Guru guide.

  • White Labelling

White labelling is the practice of a partner or organisation having their own logos and URLs on their asset protection products and platforms.

  • #Hz

Hz is short for Hertz, and in these articles it is usually used to signify how many times an LED will flash per second. e.g. 4Hz, 4 flashes per second.