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What are the Digital Input Voltage level Thresholds?

Ignition: 5V on/off threshold.

Input 1 & 2 with pull ups enabled: low at 0.8V, high at 1.0V.

Input 1 & 2 with pull downs enabled: low at 2.0V, high at 2.4V

What current does the Dart draw?

On a 12V supply, the Dart draws the following current:


GSM  & GPS on (in trip)


GPS on  (heartbeats)


Sleep  (idle)


Charging  battery (add this to states above if battery is not fully charged)



What are the Default Input Mappings?

The Dart has the following digital inputs mapped by default, it is important to keep these in mind when mapping inputs to avoid clashes. 

Digital Inputs

0 - Ignition

1 - Digital Input 1:         Physical digital input 1 is mapped here by default, but it can be remapped elsewhere.  

2 - Digital Input 2:         Physical digital input 2 is mapped here by default, but it can be remapped elsewhere.  

5 - GPS Interference:      GPS jamming indicator (signal lost) is mapped here by default.      

6 - GPS Jamming:          GPS interference indicator is mapped here by default, but it can be remapped.

Will The Dart work with a Dallas iButton?

The original Dart hardware design was modified to support Dallas iButton Driver ID on the 4 way Molex Harness. This modification is made on serial numbers greater than 122000. 

Serial numbers before 122000 will not work with iButton. 

Serial numbers after 122000 will work with iButton.


What Harnesses are Available for the Dart?

There are four different harness types designed for the Dart. The 12 Wire Harness, the iButton Harness, the cigarette adaptor Harness and the OBDII adaptor Harness.


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