Do i need an Adaptor for my Vehicle?

OBDII is a port that was introduced in 1996 and replaced the OBI port which had a lot of manufacturer specific variances. Consult your vehicle specific manual to see if your car is fitted with an OBII compliant plug.

How does the Bolt measure Trips

The Bolt starts a trip based on movement, and will by default commence logging records once it has moved 150m or exceeded 15km/h. The Bolt is set up to record a log whilst in trip every 60 seconds or 500m and also 10 degrees heading change for at least 150m at the new heading.

Can The Bolt do Idle Alerts?

The Bolt is able to do Idle Alerts for when the engine is running i.e Ignition is on for the device. You can set this up to report on either total accumulative times or times where a threshold has been breached. 

See the how to set up a Idle Alert here.

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