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Oyster & Oyster 2 - FAQs

What SIM card does the Oyster use? 

The oyster model device uses a micro SIM or 3FF SIM card.

You can also buy a SIM "punch" online that allows you to cut full size SIM cards down to the micro format and size.

But this should only be used if you really cannot source the SIMs already in the micro-SIM size.

How many Uploads will i get?


There are a number of variables that go into the answer to this question:

  1. GPS signal strength
  2. Cellular signal strength
  3. type of cellular (2G, 3G, etc)
  4. make of batteries used
  5. temperature
  6. environmental factors (eg excessive bumps causing accelerometer wakeups)

We can provide some indicative numbers of the uploads that we get in accelerated upload testing:

ConfigUploads @ 24 deg CUploads in FridgeUploads in Freezer
2G, Energizer Ultimate Lithium659958215207

Note that this does not include getting a GPS fix, so you should adjust these numbers down by approximately 15%. And of course, nothing beats testing the devices in your real-world application. We also recommend using fresh Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries, or other reputable 1.5V Lithium batteries.

What kind of Screws does the Oyster Use?

The Oyster requires 6 Thermoplastic screws - 3.5mm x 12mm (BN82428). Digital Matter can provide extra screws if they are required.      

What do the LED flashes mean?

Further Information
OffIf the LED is not on at all, it is likely that the battery is flat, or that the device is asleep. Measure the battery voltage with a multimeter. If there is charge and you wish to see some activity reset the device by removing and replacing the batteries.
From power-on-reset, LED flashes for duration of startup connect, fix, connect. Or until 10 min have passed.
After a reset of the device, the LED will flash. It will continue to flash until it has completed its startup sequence of: connect to server (4Hz flash); get a GPS fix (1Hz flash); and reconnect to the server (4Hz flash). If the connections are not successful, this will timeout after 10 minutes.
After first sleep - off    After the startup sequence has completed (connect, fix, connect) or after 10 min, the LED will be switched off. No LED flashes will occur, until a power-on-reset, or tamper.
In Recovery Mode - flashes in tripThe LED will flash once every 5s during trips in recovery mode.


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