Idle Monitoring with Vehicle Ignition On

Click here for idle monitoring with ignition off

The first method is setting up the device to activate a digital input whenever a condition threshold is met; for example idle time.

The applications for this method are

  • When you want a report showing whether a vehicle was idle for more than X minutes, non-accumulative.
  • Idling with ignition on reports

In this example, we want an alert that will send an email when an asset has been parked with ignition on for more than 30 mins at a time, not accumulative over a time period.

System Parameters

For idling while the ignition is on, first go into, search for your device and select it using the checkbox, then set a system parameter choosing Idle Monitoring with the following settings:


To enable idle monitoring, we can assign to a Digital Input, for example; Input 9, this becomes active (Idle Time Threshold) when 30mins has elapsed. Idle Speed Threshold denotes where a speed is lower than N km/h, assume the device is idle.

Note: using inputs 0-7 might conflict with default inputs on some devices.


Telematics Guru

 Go to TG and select Admin from the Top Menu and click Alerts and then select New Alert (Advanced)

General Tab

This is where you can set up the name of the Alert and how the message format is set up. By using 'Tokens' you can also provide information sourced from TG in the message.

Assets Tab

Assign the asset from the list

Conditions Tab

Under Digital Input, Change the Input number to the one you selected in oemserver. If you've renamed the input under 'Manage Assets' the new name will appear here, for eg. 'Idling'

Notifications Tab

Choose the addresses to send the alert to


On the Advanced tab, you can format the email that is sent once the alert turns off. Also make sure the 'enabled' check box is ticked.

Idle Monitoring with Vehicle Ignition Off

For the new inactivity timer, click here

The second method of idle tracking is through TG exclusively, you can set up an alert to notify you when an asset is stationary and ignition off (parked) for a set period of time. This alert will trigger only once until the Ignition is turned on again.

First go to Admin >> Alerts and create a new advanced alert. You can set the first up however you'd like the Alert to appear in your email or SMS applications.

Once you select which asset you want the Alert to apply to in the Assets tab, click on the Conditions tab and enter the following (for example) to set the Alert to trigger when: 

  • The Ignition is OFF
  • On a Weekday between 0900 and 1700
  • For more than 30 minutes

Note: The conditions in this alert method, are set to AND conditions, not OR. therefore, ALL conditions must be true for the alert to fire.