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Telematics Guru - where are your servers hosted?

Prior to 2018, Telematics Guru was hosted in the United States using cloud based servers with hosting company Rackspace. As of mid-2018, TG has been migrated to Microsoft Azure based cloud services. These are hosted in data centers close to the region they serve. Servers APAC01 - APAC04 are hosted in Sydney. Telematics Guru could be hosted for you in a particular jurisdiction if data privacy laws require it, but this may incur additional monthly hosting charges.

Please contact your local Digital Matter office to discuss this further.

How Do User Accounts Work?        

When you create a user in the TG system that user account is created in the organisation that you are currently logged in to. So make sure that you are logged in to the correct organisation when you create a User account. This organisation becomes that user's "HOME" organisation and their user account can only be edited in that organisation. A User Account can be mapped to other Organisations. Do this by going to the User's home Organisation and editing the user and adding a mapping to the Organisations that you want that user to also be able to login to.

If a user is mapped to more than one Organisation they will be presented with a list of Organisations to select from when they login.

How does TG calculate Odo/Run Hours? 

 Run Hours

Please see article on Odometer and Run hours here

 Secondary Run Hours

For an article on Secondary Run Hours, click here.

Can I Delete an Organisation?

Yes, from Admin >> Organisations >> Delete. We do, however, advise you only delete an organisation after you have remove all users mapped to the organisation, alerts, geofences and events. Removal of organisations is complex and sometimes fails due to this reason. Please contact support if you encounter any issues.

Why Can't I set the Default Trip type to 'Business'?

The Manage Trips feature in TG allows vehicle logbooks to be created, and trips assigned as either Business or Private. The Australian Tax Office (ATO) require a reason/comment on each business trip. For this reason trips will default to Private. If you have many trips all for the same business reason, you can create a trip type under Admin >> Trip Types then you can set multiple trips to business at once.

The Information Fields I Need for my Asset Aren't Under Information, Can I Change the Names of the Custom Fields?

The three Custom field tabs in Assets >> Information are fully customisable fields and can be changed to any three input values. Since they can show up after asset names in some reports, this can be quite useful.

To change the values of the fields, navigate to Admin >> Organisations >> edit and then select the Customisation tab. As you can see below, the changed input values are reflected the fields under Edit Asset >> Info (click to enlarge)

Can I use a Custom Logo for my Organisation?

The short answer is now "Yes".

Telematics Guru is structured with Partners at the top level, and Organisations beneath partners. Organisation used to inherit their branding from the partner. Recently this has changed. An organisation can get it's own URL prefix and logo.

Note that branding is driven by the URL. Note the difference between and your URL, https://<your brand> 

  • To edit the organisation you're logged in as, just like in the custom fields example above, navigate to Admin >> Organisations >> Edit and select the customisation tab. from here you can upload the logo for your organisation and hit save
  • To create a new URL & logo for a organisation within your organisation, go to Admin >> URL manager and create the new URL. then you can either edit an existing organisation, or create a new one using this URL and upload your client's logo.

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