Digital Matter devices have the capability to accumulate run hours and odometer readings. In order to use this feature, it must first be enabled on OEM. The following settings are available:

If this parameter tab is available in OEM, the device has this feature, if not, it does not have it.

Log Device Odometer and Run Hour Meter Readings

If this setting is enabled, the device will include the current odometer and run hour estimates in the end of trip device log.

Log Trip Distances and Lengths

If this setting is enabled, the device will include the distance travelled and time elapsed during the trip in the end of trip device log.

How are these Readings Calculated?

The odometer values are not read from the vehicle, instead they must initially be set by either an async message or an SMS. The device then uses second by second GPS positions and speeds to estimate the distance travelled and increment the odometer reading, allowing for an approximation of the vehicle's on-board odometer.

If movement trips are used as an ignition source then all detected movement is added to the odometer. To prevent the odometer from incrementing during transport, the movement digital input mapping can be changed from ignition. An alternative method for starting an ignition based trip should be enabled in this case, such as run detect or wired ignition based trips.

The device run hours value can be set using either an async message or SMS. This value is then incremented during ignition based trips.