Digital Matter devices, and Telematics Guru have the concept of a trip.

Devices can work out that they are moving, or in a trip in a number of ways such as:

  • The ignition input line being on or off
  • Changes in device voltage (Run Detect)
  • Changes in GPS position.
  • The Accelerometer detecting movement alone, or accelerometer detecting movement in tandem with GPS movement - for battery powered devices

When a device is in trip, by default Digital Input 0 (ignition) is set, and the trip state status flag is set to 1. This status flag appears as Digital Input 24 in Telematics Guru. 

It often makes sense to treat assets that report infrequently differently to those that report frequently in Telematics Guru.

For example, it might not make sense to display an asset that only reports every 12 hours on the Trip History Map View, and connect straight lines between the reported positions. It makes more sense to just display each location as a dot on the map. 

Thus the key differences are:

  1. Icon Colour
    Trip Based:    The icon colour on the map will be red when not in trip, and green when in trip. The verb in the asset list on this map will also change
    Non Trip Based:    Icon stays red at all times

  2. History
    Trip Based:    Use the Trip History Map View, which shows trips and all points within a trip are joined with lines showing the path
    Non Trip Based:    Use the Point History Map View, which shows each logged position as a dot on the map.

  3. Geo-fence Activity Reporting
    Currently the Geo-Fence Activity reports do not work for Point Based Assets. A future update will allow Point Based Assets to work with these reports.

  4. Street Address Lookup
    Trip based assets do a street address lookup on the start or end of trips.
    Non Trip Based assets do the lookup on each Heartbeat
    This can result in the wrong street address location being shown. See the end of this article. 

Selecting Between Trip Based and Movement Based

Simply tick or untick the checkbox under I/O Mappings when editing an asset.