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How to set up Man Down Alerts (Yabby Cellular + GPS)

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The Yabby has the ability to configure "Man Down" alerts - and can send an alert to the server if the asset has not moved for a configurable period of time. 

The following settings are available, defaults are shown

Man Down Digital Input

Digital Input bit to set when man down is activated

Man Down Timeout Settings

If the Man Down Timeout will be Disabled, or in Minutes, Hours or Days

Man Down Timeout

Number of minutes/hours/days until Man Down DI is activated

Man Down Set/Clear

What to do when Man Down is set or cleared. Options are:

Disabled - Do nothing

GPS - Trigger a GPS fix, to be uploaded at a future event (heartbeat, movement detection, etc).

GPS and Upload, Once - Trigger a GPS fix and attempt an upload. If the upload fails, then it will wait until the next event (heartbeat, movement detection, etc).

GPS and Upload, Retry - Trigger a GPS fix and attempt an upload continually, until it successfully connects to the server.

For the Wi-Fi version - "GPS" is replaced by "Wi-Fi" and is equivalent.


Send an alert to the server when the device has not moved for 12 hours:

We can apply these parameters (How to change parameters):

For an alert in TG, set up an alert with these conditions:

When the device does not move for 12 hours, an upload will be sent to TG, and then this alert will be activated. 

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