'Buzzers' can be sounded on devices for various conditions such as:

  • Speeding violations (when above on-device speed threshold)
  • No Driver ID scanned
  • No trip-type entered
  • Digital inputs being active/inactive
  • Lone worker alarms

Buzzers are contained within the following products:

  • G100 has an internal buzzer
  • DMCAN RFID reader
  • Dart RFID Reader
  • 5 Digit Keypad

Digital outputs can also be set to 'Buzzer', so when they are connected to an external buzzer, the buzzer will sound. 

The concept of 'Buzzing' is linked to all of these devices, so when a device is set to buzz on any of the above conditions, ALL connected buzzers will sound. 

E.g. A G100 + RFID reader - a buzzer is also connected to Digital Output 1. If set to buzz on no Driver ID, all 3 buzzers will sound

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