The G62 has a switched ground output, which can be used to control a relay and immobilise a vehicle. 

Please see the following articles for an introduction to the concept:

Immobilisation with a Switched Ground Output

Immobilisation Setup Wiring Discussion

The Parameters of interest are in the Driver ID and Digital Output 1 tabs. 

NB: The following parameters assume that the following relay wiring is used:

Relay coil positive (PIN 86) to the vehicles +VE (12/24V). 

Relay coil negative (PIN 85) to the Switched Ground Output

PIN 87 (normally open) and PIN 30 to control the starter motor. The coil is only energized when the Driver ID is scanned.

See above wiring discussion if you want to set up for remote immobilisation. 

Driver ID:

Buzz on No DID: If set to "Yes", any outputs set up as buzzers will be activated to sound a connected buzzer. Leave as "No" unless you want to connect a buzzer

- About Buzzers (Though not being able to start the vehicle may be enough of a reminder to your drivers to enter their ID!) 

Immobilise: if Yes, immobilise via the digital output until a Driver ID tag is scanned.

Expire on Trip End: immediately expire (remove from the cache) the Driver ID when a trip ends. Otherwise, use the expiry time. When this is set to 

Test Against List: if Yes, ensure any scanned Driver ID tags are present in the Driver List. If set to No, allow any driver. Using Driver Lists

Expiry Time: how long, in seconds, a Driver ID remains cached after scanning. If a trip starts while cached, it is kept until the end of the trip, or until another tag is scanned.

Digital Output 1:

Function: Immobiliser - use this output as an immobiliser

Active High: About active levels. - Set to NO for the above wiring configuration.