The G62 has digital inputs that can be setup to be used with a duress button input.

Step 1 - source a suitable button. There are lots of different types, shapes and colours depending on what you want.

Choose one that is "Normally Open" and provides a momentary closure of the switch when pressed.

We recommend you use the Digital Input 1 wire on the G62 harness - this is the BLUE wire 

Connect one of the pins on the switch to the blue wire.

Connect the other pin on the switch to the ground wire

1. In OEM Server select the device and Edit System Parameters

2. Select Digital Input 1

Then make sure that 

  • Bias Resistor is set to "Pull-up" 
  • Active Level is set to "Low" 
  • Upload on Active is set to Yes - this will cause an upload of the data when the duress is pressed, even when not in trip
  • Emergency Uploads - if set to Yes, should the upload fail, it will be continually retried until it is successful. 

Cycle the G62 external power to get it to connect into OEM and apply it's new settings. 


It is always a good idea to test the setup before going on site. 

Alerts in Telematics Guru:

For duress alerts in Telematics Guru, see the link below for set up instructions.

Panic/Duress alerts in Telematics Guru