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Connecting the SensorNode to the Config App

The SensorNode only detects the config cable at power on (inserting batteries). 

Batteries may need to be removed for a good 30-60s before it resets. 

An indication that it has reset is that the LED comes on when the batteries are reinserted. 

The LED flashes a few times, and then stays on while the app is talking to the SensorNode. If the App is closed or the cable removed (and the LED goes off), you will need to restart the SensorNode for it to connect again.

Reading Parameters

Once the SensorNode is powered down:

  1. Connect config cable to PC and SensorNode
  2. Open the App and choose your config cable from the drop-down list in the top right
  3. Start the App (click start button)
  4. Power on the SensorNode (insert batteries), and check that the LED comes on

Programming Firmware/Parameters

Once the above steps are done:

  1. Enter your required Parameters
  2. Check the Program Firmware/Program Parameters Boxes
  3. You will hear a sound when programming is complete - and "Write" will be displayed in the DevEUI list/Debug window

Programming multiple units

Once you have programmed one unit:

  1. Leave the tool running
  2. Unplug the cable from old unit
  3. Plug the cable into the next unit
  4. Insert the batteries in this unit
  5. The unit will be programmed

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