G100 Buzzer Setup

The G100 has an internal buzzer, as does the DMCAN RFID reader. 

Note in firmware, setting the 'buzzer' controls:

a) The Internal Buzzer

b) Buzzer in RFID readers

c) Any outputs set up to have funciton: Buzzer

When the 'buzzer' is activated, the internal buzzer will sound, as will the one in the RFID reader (if connected). And any outputs set to output type Buzzer will be activated.

The buzzer can be set to buzz on

  • Speed violations (speed threshold set on device)
  • When a trip is started and no Driver ID is in the cache. 

As of firmware version 1.15, the following functionality was added to allow buzzing on:

  • Harsh Driving
  • Digital Inputs

Speed Violations

The "Speeding" section of the G100 system parameters allows a maximum speed Threshold (km/h) to be stored on the device. If the Threshold speed is set, the device will sound a buzzer output when the GPS speed exceeds the Threshold. The buzzer will remain active until the GPS speed drops Delta (km/h) below the Threshold. 

Set up example:

Threshold = 100km/h

Delta = 5km/h

The Device will sound the buzzer if the G100 exceeds 100km/h. The buzzer will remain on until the GPS speed drops below 95km/h.

Trip Started with No Driver ID

In the Driver ID tab, 

Set Buzz On No DID = Yes

If a trip is started and no driver ID is entered, the buzzer will sound to remind users to enter their ID

If Test Against List = Yes, it will continue to buzz until a Driver ID that is stored in the on-device list is entered. (If an ID not on the list is entered, it will keep buzzing). 

If Expire on Trip End = Yes, as soon as a trip ends, the cache is cleared. If a trip was started, the buzzer would sound. If this is set to No, you could restart a trip within 60s in this example and not be required to enter Driver ID.

More information about this set up here: Dart Driver ID Options

Harsh Driving

The device will buzz when either the acceleration, braking or cornering thresholds are crossed - About Harsh Event Setup on Devices

In this example the device will buzz 5 times, with a buzz length of 0.1s, and gap between buzzes of 0.1s

Digital Input Changes

You can set the buzzer to sound when a digital input becomes active/inactive. The device can be set to buzz indefinitely if Buzz Count is set to 255 (to notify users of a panic button being inadvertently pushed in for example) 

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