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SensorNode LoRaWAN® - Wiring up a DM Temperature sensor

DM produces I2C temperature probes. These can be connected to the SensorNode to read temperature at regular intervals.

DM temperature probes use the following wiring colours:

  • Red = Positive - connect to 3.3V
  • Brown = Clock - connect to SCL
  • Orange = Data - connect to SDA
  • Black = Ground - connect to GND

New DM Temp Sensor:

In 2018 we introduced a new temperature sensor that allows you to set the address to Address 1 or Address 2:

  • Address 1 (DM Temp Sensor 1): Green - connect to ground
  • Address 2 (DM Temp Sensor 2): Green - connect to 3.3V
  • The rest of the wiring stays the same

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