As of mid-2018, TG is hosted in a number of regional data centers. This improves performance and scalability.

The following TG features must be targeted at the right region:

  1. Website access: normally a partner's URL will direct them to the correct server. If they are used to accessing, they may no longer be able to login.
  2. Mobile App access: the mobile app will prompt the user to select their region before logging in.
  3. TG API: the API should be accessed with a region specific domain name. The partner URL may work, but in future the API may be seperated from the website.
  4. Devices Direct to TG: some devices connect directly to TG. These need to target the right instance of TG.

This table gives the details for each of these aspects. They are discussed further below.

Generic URL
Device URL
IP Address*

* DM will attempt to keep the IP addresses constant, but they are subject to change. Use the DNS entries as far as possible.

Website Access

The partner specific URL (eg should resolve to the correct TG instance.

Clients should not use to login - this is likely to resolve to the wrong TG instance and their login will fail.

See the table at the top of this article for the generic, non client specific URL's for each TG instance.

The generic URL will work for accessing the correct server, but we encourage clients to use their client specific URL. eg

Mobile App Access:

The standard Telematics Guru mobile app will have a region selector on the login screen.

To login successfully, choose the correct region.

If the user is unsure which region they are in, check the lower right hand corner of their website login page.

Telematics Guru API

The TG API should be accessed with the API URL shown in the table at the top of this article. This will resolve to the correct region.

Devices Connecting Directly to TG

There are a number of devices that send data directly to TG. When setting these devices up, use the Device URL. This will resolve to the correct region.

Avoid using the IP address, as this may change in future.