Asset State Configurations can be used to have assets change colours in the live view according to different digital input combinations or "states". 

State changes will also be recorded in the asset timeline/event log, and the Asset State - Detail and Asset State - Summary reports. 

For example, consider the ignition input and another digital input (e.g. pump, motor, safety switch). you could assign different colours to the following states:

Ignition off, input off 

Ignition on, input off

Ignition off, input on

Ignition on, input on

To set up asset states:

1. Ensure the Organisation has the "Asset State" functionality enabled. Contact DM Support if you cannot access this

2. Ensure your user account has the Asset State Configuration Manage permission, contact DM Support if it is not enabled for your account. 

3. Ensure the relevant Digital Input mappings are set for the assets, e.g.

4. Go to Admin -> Asset State Configuration -> New

Select the IOs required

5. Select what conditions will display what colour, in this example it is undesirable to have the pump and engine running together, so we have created a state for this:

6. Select the logging level - this will determine what appears in your reports, and save the configuration:

7. Go to the Asset List, edit each asset to use this configuration

8. Switch to Asset State view in the live viewer to view the assets with their asset state colours.