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Remora Start Up Sequence

The Remora (and many of the other battery powered GPS enabled DM devices) follow this startup sequence.

The LED behaviour article is useful in conjunction with this one.

  1. Power on reset OR device reset: the starting point is a device reset. This occurs when when power is applied, or after the device has reset itself (new firmware, updated settings, RESET SMS, no comms for 48 hours).
  2. First upload: the device will attempt to connect to the server. The aim here is to receive any pending updates from the server. The device may apply updates and restart this process. If there are no updates, it will disconnect. The modem will check for SMSes when switching the modem off (disconnecting for server, or restarting the modem on a failed connection). Any SMS commands should be received at this stage - important for setting the APN for example.
  3. First GPS fix: the device will then attempt to get a fix. It will log a heartbeat record on obtaining the fix, or on timeout (zero lat/long logged).
  4. Second upload: the device will then attempt to upload its heartbeat record.
  5. Normal operation: the device will then enter "normal operation" which is defined by its system parameters.

Note that there is a 10 min timeout on this process (steps 1-4). If 10 min elapses without completing these steps, it will go to step 5 (normal operation).

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