SensorData Sigfox - Sending data from Sigfox to the Digital Matter Sensor Data Demo Application

The SensorData Sigfox device will send data to the Sigfox backend. In the Sigfox backend devices can be configured to send data to a destination of your choice. This article describes how to create a "Device Type" in the Sigfox backend to send the data to the Digital Matter Sensor Data Demo Application.

You can view the data here: Please treat this platform and data as highly ephemeral. It is for demo purposes only!

To do the necessary setup on the Sigfox backend, follow these steps.

First, log in to your private Sigfox account at

Locate the device type that you wish to use, or create a new device type, and click on the device type name:

In the information tab for the device type, click Edit:

Now set the downlink mode to Callback. You must do this even if you are not planning on supporting downlinks, as leaving it set to DIRECT will send downlinks and cause unintentional reprogramming. 

Choosing Callback for the Downlink Mode is very important!

Leave payload display as Regular.

Now go to the Callbacks tab, and click the New button in the top right.

Now select Custom callback:

Fill in the Type, Channel, Url pattern, Use HTTP Method, Content type, and Body shown below. 

Note the SensorData Sigfox URL pattern is:

The full text of the Body field is:




Finally, leave the Downlink radio button un-ticked. The SensorData does not support downlinks yet.

Now you are ready to add devices with this callback type. Any data that they send to the demo platform will be recorded. 

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