Telematics Guru (TG) caters for Alerts to be setup on a wide range of different criteria, or "conditions". An Alert Condition is a statement about device information that results in the Alert either being "Active" or not.
For example: "External Voltage < 9V" will be active if the external device power is disconnected and the voltage drops below 9 volts. When the external voltage is restored and the voltage rises above 9 volts then this Alert Condition is no longer true and the Alert State is no longer Active. 

Alerts can be used to send emails or SMS (there is a cost per SMS) to users. 

Alerts can be set up using either the wizard, or advanced setup. The new alert wizard has pre-configured alerts which will cover the majority of use cases. Advanced setup allows for specific alert setup. 

Using the wizard

  1.  Go to Admin -> Alerts 
  2. Select New Alert Wizard
  3. Select the type of alert from the available options

  4. (Click image to view full size)

  5. Select which assets to apply the alert to:
    >> applies the alert to all assets
    > applies to the select asset
    < removes the selected asset
    << removes all assets from the alert
  6. Select the email addresses or phone numbers to send the alert to 
  7. Give the alert a name

The Alert will be sent with the Asset Name and Alert Name in the Subject of the email or in the SMS message.