The 5 Digit Keypad works with the G100 and G60. It plugs into the 4-wire Molex connector on the device harness.

It can be used for the following:

  • 4 or 5 digit pins can be entered on Trip Start as Driver ID
  • To set trip types
  • Each button can be used as a digital input

Each button can record either a short press, or a long press (hold down), meaning up to 10 trip types or digital inputs can be set via the keypad. 

In order to use the 5 Digit Keypad, the Keypad tab must be active in OEM. The function of each setting is described in this tab next to the relevant setting. 

Key settings are:

Keypad Driver ID Mode:

Disable, 4 digit PIN or 5 digit PIN. 

Key Pad Key Press Function (buttons 1-5):

No Function: Disable this button

Set Trip Type: Use this button to set a trip type

Digital Input: Map the button press to a digital input (1-25). Avoid selecting an input already in use (Typically 1-5 are often in use, 9 and up are generally OK)

Key Pad Key Press Upload: Upload on button press if you are using this as a digital input

Key Pad Press Emergency Upload: Requests an emergency upload, useful if you are using the keypad as a duress button. 

Data Setting: Toggle input works as follows - digital input is 0, you press the button - it is set to 1. It stays at 1 until you press the button again and it will be set to 0. Momentarily set input will only set the input for a short time - use this if you want to be alerted each time the button is pressed.