Setting the ICOM HandHeld Serial Number

Serial numbers are used to allow Telematics Guru (or another third party software) to distinguish one device from another. The serial number for a specific radio is created by combing its Individual ID with a unique, 5 character, alphanumeric prefix of your choosing.

The 5 character prefix can be set on OEM through the G100's system parameters. The parameter set you need to alter is "ICOM Hand Held Settings". It can be accessed as follows:

The serial number must be unique for every G100 device. An example 5 character serial number is depicted below:

The other half of the serial number is the Individual ID of the specific handheld radio (do not confuse it for the group ID). This ID will have been programmed into your handheld radio, contact your supplier if you would like it changed (or change it yourself if you have the software). If you do not know the ID of your radio and do not own the software, then you can discover it by pressing the call button on your handheld, and viewing the mobile base station. The following should be displayed on the screen:

Evidently, the individual ID of the handheld that called this base station is "2". This number must be converted to 4 digits with leading zeros, so in this case the number would be: "0002".

The serial number is the combination of the alphanumeric prefix of your choosing and the Individual ID number. For example, if you set the prefix to DM725 and the ID was 0002 (as per the examples above), the serial number would be: DM7250002.

If you wanted to track another handheld with the same G100, and the radio's individual ID was "101" (0101), the serial number would likewise be: DM7250101.

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