See Asset Billing Plans for information on the different Telematics Guru Asset Billing plans and how to assign them. Each asset on a billing plan such as TG-4 or TG-24 is limited to 4 or 24 records per day, averaged over the month. However TG does not limit the records, a fee will be charged for exceeding the count.

Devices must be configured in OEM to obey the record count. Here are some examples which can be created as parameter templates for Oysters and Remoras. An explanation of the settings is provided to give an understanding of how to set your own parameters to obey the record counts. You may be able to improve them for your application, to provide the most detailed tracking yet staying within the record limits. 

Periodic Tracking

TG 4 - Periodic

Default parameters except the heartbeat period is set to 360 min (6hrs), and Periodic Tracking Only = YES. Devices on this template will only report every 6 hours - to give 4 records per day. 

TG 24 - Periodic

Same as above except heartbeat is 60 minutes (every hour) for 24 records per day. 

Movement Based

The above templates will cause the device to obey the record limits exactly, with no variance due to device movement. However in the case of the TG-24 plan, many of the updates will be overnight, which may not be of use. Given the plans are averaged over the month, we can take advantage of this to optimise the settings to provide more updates when the device is on the move. Note you may exceed record limits under certain conditions

TG 4 - Trip Start

1. Heartbeat Upload Period of 1440 min (24hrs)

2. In trip logging period set to max of 127hrs - effectively disabling uploads in trip. 

1. Upload During Trip = No, to disable in trip uploads

2. Upload on Trip End = No 

Upload on Trip Start = Yes.

This template is useful for staying within the limit if you wish to set movement alerts. The only uploads you will get are for heartbeats and trip starts. If you are not making many trips you may be able to set Upload On Trip End = Yes also. 

TG 4 - Trip End

Same as above but Upload on Trip Start = No, and Upload on Trip End = Yes

Generally it can be assumed that a trip start point is the end point of the last trip. With this setup you will know where your assets are when they stop moving. Great for knowing when something was delivered etc. 

TG 24 - Movement Based

Default settings - including a position and upload on the start and end of trips - with the following changes:

1. Heartbeat Upload Period = 1440 (24hrs) - reduced from 12 to save uploads - we are already tracking trips

2. In Trip Logging Period = 1800 (30 min) 

3. In Trip Upload Period = 1800 (30 min)

This plan has the benefit that you will be able to set movement alerts, as there will be an upload on a trip start. An in trip logging period of 30 minutes allows for 12 hours of continuous driving each and every day. (1 upload on start + 22 uploads during trip + 1 on end). If the asset was to move for less time on a certain day, there would be more uploads remaining in the budget. 

Note if the asset was to make multiple short trips, there will be increased records due the uploads on trip starts and stops. Often a lack of movement over the weekend leaves extra record budget available for trips during the week.