Admin Billing Reports

Telematics Guru provides partners with a few reports to manage their billing. They are grouped under the "Admin Reports" section in the Report Dashboard.

Getting access to the reports:

Partners should have access to these reports. If a user does not, check this:

  1. Admin reports are enabled for the organisation. Go to Admin->Organisations->Edit. Go to the reports tab. Select the admin report required. Save the organisation If you cannot see these reports, your user may not have access - contact support.
  2. Admin reports are enabled for the user. Go to Admin->Users->Edit. Go to the reports tab. Select the admin report required. Save the user.

Iridium Billing Detail Report

A report showing the number of Iridium messages received by TG from an asset over the selected time-frame. 

Can be run for the partner account or per organisation. 

NB - This report only displays messages received by TG - the device may send more messages - e.g. prior to the asset being set up in TG. The end result is the bill from your Iridium Data may not match this report, it is intended only as a guide. It can be used to help in tracking usage, and for resellers to provide their clients when billing for Iridium Data. 

Partner Asset Summary Report

This report shows currently enabled assets and their billing plans grouped by Device Type and Billing Plan.

It is a quick way to get an overview of your devices and the billing plans they are on. 

Partner Billing Message Audit Report

A 'snapshot' report of the message count for PPM devices for the month. 

Untick 'Only Show Message Restricted Devices' 

NB - The report is run at 0000 UTC on the 1st of each month, and will be the message count for the previous month. As it is a snapshot, selecting different dates will not change the data in the report.
Example: The report is run with the date set to the 1st of November, it will show October's message count. If the date is set to any other date in November, the report will be identical, as the snapshot is only taken on the 1st. 

Use this report to view how many messages your PPM devices sent in the previous month. Assets on other plans do not have their messages counted. 

The report run on the 1st of the month will match your bill from DM for PPM devices. 

Partner Billing Summary Report

This report shows the number of Active Assets at the time of the snapshot (0000 UTC 1st of the month) 

Active assets are define as described here: TG Asset Billing

Devices are grouped by Organisation, Device Type, and Billing Plan. The report run on the 1st of the month will match your bill from DM. 

Partner WiFi Lookup Summary Report

This report shows the number of WiFi Lookups that have been consumed at time of lookup. This report only applies to devices that use "Wi-Fi Sniffing" for geolocation (Yabby WiFi, Falcon)

The cost per look-up is detailed on the price list.

SIM List

This report details which SIM cards and their ICCID are being used by your organisation. The columns of the report can include last connected, asset type, serial number, name, description and other signifiers.

SMS Usage

This report details the origin organisation and amount of SMS sent from Telematics Guru to contacts in the address book.

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