ICOM Radio Troubleshooting

If you are not receiving data form your handheld radios then ensure you have done the following:

- The base station is powered on

- The G100 is powered on and plugged into the base station

- The hand held radio and base station are on the same channel

- The transmit button on the hand held has been presssed

- The G100 firmware version supports ICOM radios

- A connector has been set in OEM

- Assets have been created in TG for the G100 and radios (if you are using TG)

- ICOM system parameters have been set on the G100.

- Ensured your radio versions are compatible with the G100. 

- The external power supply for the G100 is between 8-48V DC (continuous current)  - note that some power supplies used by base stations do not output continuous current.

If the device is still not sending Icom data onwards, then set the G100 'Module 13' debug flags to 'info': 

After pressing the transmit button, you should see:

If your radio does not have a valid fix, then you will get these error messages:

If you get these error messages, then try using your handheld radio near the window or outside. 

If you do not receive an "RXMSG" and instead receives a message of "RXVCALL" like the following, then that means your handheld radio needs to be programmed by an ICOM dealer to send GPS data, or your handheld radio does not support GPS:

If you did not get these error messages but your device is not sending on the GPS data, then make sure you have set the serial number in TG correctly. For information on how to do so, consult the G100 Icom radio user manual. 

If you do not receive ANY messages, then turn debug module 13 to severe again, and set module 14 to all info. After pressing the call button you should receive:

If you do not receive these messages, then either: 

- You have incorrectly wired your device (consult the ICOM manual)

- Your mobile station has not been programmed to output data. Consult your provider in order to reprogram it. Send them a link to the "Program Icom Radio" document. 

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