This new feature on Telematics Guru (TG) allows a Partner to use an existing organisation of theirs as a template from which to copy and create a new organisation. 


You will require the necessary Organisation Manage and Organisation View permissions to do this.

The process to create an Organisation using the "New from Template" feature is as follows:

  1. Log into TG
  2. Go to Admin->Organisations
  3. Click "New from Template"
  4. Select an Organisation from the drop down menu to copy
  5. Give the new Organisation a name
  6. Click on "Create"

After a few moments, the edit screen for the newly created Organisation will be shown. This allows for further edits to be made else the edit screen can now be closed. Additionally, the list of Organisations will now include the recently added Organisation.

Please be aware that only the following will be copied from the existing Organisation to the new one:

  • Organisation type (e.g. ALR)
  • Email provider and monthly send limit
  • SMS provider and monthly send limit
  • API provider and monthly send limit
  • Reports
  • Functionality
  • The organisation URL and logo
  • Custom field names

As an added caution, please ensure that the Organisation you copy from has the correct Organisation Type as this cannot be changed at a later stage.