Fair Usage Policy

This Fair Usage Policy document details what Digital Matter considers acceptable usage of its Telematics Guru and OEM Server software. Digital Matter may withhold service based on this policy. Digital Matter will endeavor to accommodate and support all clients.


Record Limits:

  • The logging period should not be faster than 30 seconds, averaged over the course of a day. This is 2880 records per day.
  • TG enables complex processing of records through "events" and "alerts" . If the processing of an event or alert becomes too onerous for the system, support may contact the client to seek an alternate solution. If none can be found, the client may asked to switch off that feature.


Data Retention:

  • Data is currently kept for at 1 year, but this may change in future. Different price plans may in  future imply different retention periods.

Version History:

  • v1.0: 2018-01-12

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