DM produces I2C temperature and relative humidity (RH) sensors. These can be connected to the Flexi 1 to read temperature and/or RH at regular intervals.

Note: this article does not refer to the temperature probe with the silver bullet cover. Please refer to this article for the temperature bullet sensor.

The Flexi 1 exposes 4 screw terminals for I2C:

  • 3.3V: provides power to the sensor at 3.3V. The current limit is 500mA.
  • SDA: I2C data line.
  • SCL: I2C clock line.
  • GND: ground connection to the sensor.

DM Temp/RH sensors use the following wiring colours:

  • Red = Positive - connect to 3.3V
  • Brown = Clock - connect to SCL
  • Green = Data - connect to SDA
  • Black = Ground - connect to GND
  • Purple = Not used.

The Flexi 1 needs to be configured on the OEM Server to use the temp/RH sensor. This is done in the system parameters:

  • Add the "DM Ambient Sensor" to the parameters. Select the analogues you would like the readings to appear in:
  • Also remember to setup the sensor reading in the Task setup. For example: