Ploughing and Spraying Area Reports

The Ploughing and Spraying Area reports allow users to estimate the area that has been ploughed/sprayed by an asset. 

Set up your report with the assets required. If you have connected your sprayer/plougher to an input on your device, it is worthwhile to set up an event:

To do so: 

  • Go to Admin-.>Event Types->New. Give it a name
  • Then link the event to the I/O. Go to Manage Assets->Edit Asset->IO Mapping. Under Digital Mappings, click Add. Select the relevant input and name it. Under Event Type, specify the event you created.

Then you are able to run your report with the Spraying Event. This may not be necessary if you are satisfied that your sprayer will run for the entire trip. 

The coverage area is estimated by multiplying distance the asset has travelled by the coverage multiplier. 

The multiplier will be multiplied with the distance in KM. e.g. If your plough is three metres wide, this should be set to 0.003

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