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Telematics Guru White Labeling

Telematics Guru can be white labelled quickly and easily.

This enables resellers to quickly and easily market the product as their own. There are multiple options and facets to the white labelling process. 

URL White Labelling

There are 2 options for this.

1. URL Prefix Based White Labelling

2. Fully Custom URL White Labelling.

1. URL prefix based white labelling: 

This is included with all Telematics Guru accounts. This includes a customisable logo for partners and organisations. The URL will generally be something like This includes HTTPS security against the * certificate.

This is included in all Telematics Guru services for no additional charge.

Partners can customise logos and URLs for their partner and have different logos for organisations within their partner:

  • Admin -> File Manager: upload logos and favicons here. They can be linked to orgs and URLs in the following steps. Note the recommended sizes:
    • Logo: 300 x 120 pixel size. JPG format recommended.
    • Favicon: 48 x 48 pixels maximum

  • Admin -> URL Manager: the URL (usually drives the branding of the initial pages that the user accesses, before logging in.

    Add a URL and link the logo/favicon you uploaded to it.
  • Admin -> Organisations -> Edit Organisation
    Organisations will inherit the default branding of the partner. To change this, go to Admin->Organisations. Click Edit and go to the Customisation tab. Select the URL and Logo, possibly from the options you uploaded in the steps above. The logo set here is what will show up on any reports run from this organisation

2. Fully customised URL: 

This is a paid for service. It allows the URL to be completely customised. For example, or This includes HTTPS security against the partners custom domain certificate. 

This is great for putting the spotlight on your brand and hiding references to Telematics Guru.

There is a once off set up fee and monthly maintenance fee for this service. Check the price list to see, and contact your DM Branch's support team for more information. 

Security is important to us:

We enforce HTTPS security on the TG site. This will ensure the site identifies itself securely and safely. It will protect your credentials and traffic using SSL encryption.

Why not just allow Partners to direct their DNS entry to Telematics.Guru?

Telematics Guru only works with full SSL security. Other tracking platforms will allow you to point your DNS entry to their site, but they can't provide SSL security against that URL. By hosting your certificate, we can provide end to end SSL security, to protect your credentials, your traffic, and securely identify the site. Browsers will verify the identity of the site:

Additional White Labelling

Email White Labelling

TG sends a variety of emails and the source address is important. 

DM support can quickly and easily set up TG emails to originate from the partners mail server. 

If a fully customised URL is in place this is very important, as while the URL will be white labelled, any alert emails etc will originate from

There are two options to customise this:

  1. Provide DM with access to an SMTP server that is able to send email from your custom domain.

If you require this, please provide Digital Matter with the following details of the SMTP Server: 

  • Host
  • Username
  • Password
  • Port
  • EnableSSL
  • From Address
  • From Name

2.  Allow DM's main server to send email with the "from" address as your custom domain. This requires no DKIM or other outbound address validation, otherwise emails will be marked as spam.

Device Name White Labelling

As of 2019, Telematics Guru allows the ability to give custom names to Device Types.

Resellers often sell devices under different names than the names used by DM. 

Devices not sold by the partner can also be removed for simplicity.

See this article for more information

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