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History - Driver Trip History

The Driver Trip History View (My Trips) allows a user's view of trips to be restricted to trips done by the user's driver.

The main use case for this view is: 

A driver needs to do log booking. When they login to the system, they should only see trips linked to their driver. All other trips are hidden from them.

To access this screen, go to History->My Trips. If you cannot see this option, ensure it is setup according to the instructions below.

This allows:

  • Drivers to login and only see their trips.
  • Assign a Business/Private designation to the trip. Click the B/P Icons to change the designation. 
  • Add a Comment to the Trip. Enter the comment by clicking and typing in the Comment column.

The Driver can also click on the Magnifiying Glass Icon to see the trip on the map:

How to set this up:

  1. Make sure the Driver ID functionality is enabled in the Organisation Settings: Admin->Organisations->Edit. Go to Functionality. Tick Driver ID.
  2. Enable this permission for the user in the User Settings: Admin->Users->Edit. Go to Permissions. Tick "Driver Trip History View". If doing log booking only, this will be the only permission for the user.
  3. Ensure you have a Driver created for the User. Go to Admin->Drivers. Click New. Enter the required details. If you are not using a physical Driver ID collection tool on the tracking device, set the ID Type to "None".
  4. Associate a Driver with the User. This is important for the feature to work. Go to Admin->Users->Edit. Go to the General Tab. Under Associated Driver, choose the driver to link to the User.
  5. After this, the Driver Trip History View should appear in the menu for the User. Login as the user. Go to History->My Trips.

How to associate a Driver with a Trip:

This is important if you want the Driver to see the trip in the Trip View page. There are a few ways to do this:

  1. Asset Default Driver. All trips done by the asset will get this driver assigned. Go to Assets->Managed Assets. Click on an asset to edit. Go to the Drivers Tab. Assign a Permanently Allocated Driver. Do not tick "Enable Driver Management" unless you know what you are doing - rather leave it un-ticked.
  2. Assign Drivers to Trips in the Manage Trips View. Go to History->Manage Trips. Use the tick-box to select the trips in question, and use the "Set Driver" button to assign trips.

  3. Use a Driver ID peripheral on the tracking device. These include: RFID readers, iButton readers, CAN Consoles, and 5 Digit Keypads. When a driver ID is provided to one of these peripherals, the Driver is assigned to the trip in TG.

Common Troubleshooting:

  • The main reason the "My Trips" option does not appear in the user's menu is that they don't have a driver associated with their user. The account administrator should edit their user account and assign a driver to the user. See the instructions above.

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