The Flexi1 has a switched ground digital output. This is also called an "open collector" output.. This output provides a ground when on, and is high impedance when off. This is most often used for controlling relays.

Note: limit current through the switched ground output to 300mA to avoid damaging the circuitry. It should be used with a relay if higher current loads must be switched.

The output cannot currently be controlled remotely from a software platform. This is possible, but not implemented on the device.

The output can only be controlled on the device by the Tasks.

Using the tasks in system parameters, it is possible to:

  1. Pulse the digital output on for X seconds.
  2. Toggle the digital output each time the task runs. For example, task run 1: switch on; task run 2: switch off; task run 3: switch on; etc.
  3. Switch on or off. 2 tasks would be needed here. 1 task would switch on. The other task would switch off.

Setup the Digout Output in System Params:

Add the Digital Output 1 tab. Generally the setup shown below is what is required.

Setup the Tasks:

Tasks are discussed further here.

For example, this setup would turn on the output for 60 seconds every hour.

This setup would toggle the output on and off every 15 minutes. For example: 12:00 - On; 12:15 - Off; 12:30 - On; 12:45 - Off;