This applies to all the DM devices that use SIM Cards (Cellular Devices).

DM Devices are programmed with a random SIM PIN at production. This 4 digital PIN is programmed into the flash memory and cannot change.

Most users will use a SIM with the PIN disabled.

If the user wishes to enable the SIM PIN on the SIM card, it must be set to the device's specific PIN. 


  • This pin is available on the details page for the device on the OEM Server Admin Interface.
  • If the SIM PIN is enabled and it does not match the device PIN, there is a good chance the device will PUK the SIM. It will keep trying its device PIN.
  • The device PIN cannot change.
  • It is possible to enable the SIM PIN over the air via an Async Message. This is not exposed in the UI, so get in touch with support if you need to implement this.