This describes the default mappings for the Flexi1. These are configurable in the System Parameters.

Analogue Mappings:

  • Analog 1: this is the physical analogue input screw terminal on the Flexi1.
  • Battery Voltage: this is the battery voltage connected to the Flexi1. It is similar to "external power" of the other devices, and that is why it is in analogue 2 by default.
  • Temperature: this is the PCB's temperature. An external temperature sensor would be in a different analogue.
  • The performance counters are described here. Note that these may move to a dedicated stats message in future.

Digital Mappings:

  • The 3 physical digital inputs are mapped into Digital Inputs 1, 2, and 3 by default.
  • Ignition and In-Trip concepts do not generally apply to the Flexi1.
  • The battery low status bit is not used on the Flexi1. It is hard to determine the status of the battery if the battery type and configuration is unknown. Battery status should be determined from the analogue reading of the battery voltage (if the battery chemistry suits a voltage to capacity mapping).