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How often are Sigfox Downlinks requested?

The Oyster Sigfox device can receive configuration changes via the Sigfox Downlink mechanism. Usually the device only sends uplinks, but the downlink is a way to get data from the server down to the device.

In the Sigfox system, the device must request a downlink. The number of downlinks available is limited by the Sigfox plan. Downlinks are relatively expensive compared to uplinks.

So, how often does the Oyster Sigfox device request a downlink?

One downlink request per 24 hours is sent. The is an additional random chance of 1 downlink every 64 uplink messages, to reduce the change of synchronised uplinks. This prevents systematic packet loss - where all devices could request a downlink at the same time.

How do I generate more downlink requests for testing?

The only way to do this with the current Oyster Sigfox firmware is to manually cycle the power. On power up, the device will send a downlink request.

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