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Remora Upload Timeouts

To provide finer control of the Remora's upload power use, 3 settings are exposed in the System Parameters. This is effective from firmware version 1.31:

  1. Network registration timeout (seconds): the maximum time allowed to register on a network. Home (creg=1) or roaming (creg=5) registrations are counted as successful registrations. The default value is 0 seconds, which disables this timeout.
  2. Upload timeout (seconds): the maximum time allowed to complete the upload. The default value is 180 seconds.
  3. Max connection attempts: the maximum number of connection attempts allowed per session. The default value is 0, which disables the connection limit.


Setting any of these settings too low could result in a device that is unable to upload. Take care to consider the network conditions before changing the settings. 

To establish the network conditions, monitor a device with GSM Debugging set to Info. This will give an idea of the time requirements. This may not represent the conditions everywhere, so be cautious. Bear in mind that 2G devices are able to connect faster than 3G devices, and that devices connect much faster when already in coverage, than when entering coverage for the first time.

The Remora's initial startup connection will ignore these timeouts. The worst case for unusably low settings is a GSM Watchdog reset after 2 days. After the reset, an upload with a 10 minute timeout will be done. Thereafter, the upload settings above will apply.

The upload settings do not apply to Recovery mode.  A 5 min upload timeout is used in this mode.

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