A Parameter Template is a collection of settings. They are used to quickly and reliably replicate device settings across many devices.

Templates can be made for System Parameters or Admin Parameters:

  • Admin Parameters contain connectivity settings, such as server and APN settings.
  • System Parameters contain device behavior settings, such as heartbeat period, tracking frequency, etc.

Once a template is created, it cannot be edited. If settings must be changed you must edit the settings on a device and create a new template.

When creating a parameter template, the general process is:

  1. Edit an individual device. Setup the parameters as you require them on a single device
  2. Create a parameter template based on this single device. This will create a snap shot of its settings
  3. Apply the template to multiple devices to replicate those settings to all of the devices.

Here are detailed instructions:

Step 1:

Edit individual parameters for a device.

Step 2:

Create a parameter template.

  1. Select Create Parameter Template (single device)


  1. Select System Parameters or Admin Parameters

  1. Select the Distributor Group
  2. Select the Vendor Group
  3. Select the Client Group 
  4. Give the Template a name
  5. Type in a description for the Template
  6. Click on Save

Step 3:

Apply the parameter template