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Disable Asset Updates Paused

The Live view on TG normally automatically updates the position and status of the assets. To reduce server load, browsers that have been idle for 4.5 minutes will suspend these automatic updates. 

An "Asset Updates Paused" message will appear on the screen and the user must click OK to resume

This is not acceptable for control rooms, so this functionality can be disabled for a user. It is defaulted to enabled.

To disable this function for a user, the "Live Tracking No Timeout" permission must be ticked. To give this to another user, your user must have the permission - you cannot award a permission you do no have. If you cannot see this permission, contact support.

Follow these steps:

  1. Switch to the user's home organisation.
  2. Go to Admin->Users
  3. Click Edit for the user.
  4. Go to Permissions tab
  5. Scroll to the General category
  6. Tick "Live Tracking No Timeout"
  7. Click Save.

This is the permission to check:

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