The Telematics Guru "post-processing" system analyses asset activity after the trip and can provide some advanced statistics. When this is enabled for Geo-Fences, these numbers become available:

  • Number of visits to the Geo-Fence.
  • Time spent in the Geo-Fence.
  • Distance traveled in the Geo-Fence.

To enable Geo-Fence Activity Tracking, 2 actions are required:

  1. Tick "Track asset activity in Geo-Fence" on the Geo-Fence edit screen:
    1. From Admin->Geo-Fences, either create a new Geo-Fence, or edit an existing one.
    2. Click "Show Advanced Settings".
    3. Tick "Track asset activity in Geo-Fence".
    4. Click Save

  2. Tick "Track Asset Movement in Select Geo-Fences" on the Edit Asset screen:
    1. From Assets->Manage Assets, either create a new asset or edit and existing one.
    2. Go to the Advanced tab of the Edit Asset screen.
    3. Tick "Track Asset Movement in Select Geo-Fences"
    4. Click Save.

Reporting on Geo-Fence Activity Tracking:

Once enabled, TG will record stats for the asset in the selected Geo-Fences. This information is available in 2 reports:

  1. Asset Geofence History Summary: provides a summary of Geo-Fence activity. Expect 1 line per Asset and Geo-Fence combination, summarising the information over a period.
  2. Asset Geofence History Detail: provides a more detailed view of Geo-Fence activity, itemising each visit to the Geo-Fence and providing statistics about the visit.