As of April 2017, the Flexi1 logs it's performance counters in Field ID 7. FID7 is for 32 bit analogues. FID 6 is 16 bit analogues.

In future, this may move to a dedicated "performance counters" field.

The Flexi1 logs 4 counters, with these meanings:

  • Analogue 17 = Number of GPS Fix attempts
  • Analogue 18 = Total GPS on time, in seconds
  • Analogue 19 = Sample Count – this is how many times a measurment has been taken. This could be Soil Moisture Probe readings, temperature sensor readings, or analogue input readings
  • Analogue 20 = Upload Count – how many uploads have been done.

These counters are reset when the batteries are replaced.

You can expect these counters to increment over the life of the battery. They allow battery performance to be monitored.