Localisation: Time Zone, Temperature, Distance, Data Formats

Telematics Guru can be customised according to a users local requirements. The setup is specific to each user.

To change the settings:

  1. You will need the User Manage permission. Contact your organisation manager to obtain this.
  2. Go to Admin->Users.
  3. Find the user and click Edit
  4. Edit the settings under the General tab.
  5. Click Save

The following items can be specified:

  1. Time Zone: select the home time zone of the user
  2. Temperature: choose between Celcius or Fahrenheit
  3. Distance Unit: choose between KM or Miles
  4. Date Format: choose between:
    1. dd/mm/yyy
    2. yyyy/mm/dd
    3. mm/dd/yyyy
  5. GroupĀ Separator: this affects how large numbers are shown:
    1. None: eg 1000
    2. Space ( ): eg 1 000
    3. Comma (,): eg 1,000
    4. Apostrophe ('): eg 1'000
    5. Point (.): eg 1.000
  6. DecimalĀ Separator: this affects how fractional numbers are shown:
    1. Comma (,): eg 3,14
    2. Point (.): eg 3.14

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