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Iridium Parameter Editing

The logging of Out Of Band Iridium Data is controlled by a System Parameter Block. 

Read this document to understand the Iridium operation. This article explains how to edit the parameters pertaining to the Iridium operation.

To edit this block, follow these instructions:

  1. Login to
  2. Search for and select your device - explained here
  3. Edit the parameters below - general parameter editing explained here

The parameters have the following meanings:

  1. Enable Iridium: enable or disable the iridium fail-over
  2. Digital Input Active/Inactive Mask: This is a bit mask controlling which digital input changes are logged. Active applies to the input going on. Inactive applies to the input going off.
    The number entered is the decimal conversion of the binary value for the bit mask. 
    1. 0 = no digital input logging
    2. 1 = input 0 (ignition) is logged - there is no need to set this as the Ignition is logged anyway. 
    3. 2 - in binary this is 10, so only input 1 is logged - useful for panic buttons!
    4. 3 - in binary 11, so input 0 and 1 are both logged
  3. Out of GSM coverage timeout: how long, in minutes, before a failure to upload is considered a GSM failure and the device fails over to Iridium
  4. In trip logging period: how often to log an Iridium record when in a trip
  5. Heartbeat period: how many times a normal heartbeat should happen before an Iridium heartbeat record is logged. For exampe, if the normal heartbeat is 1 hour, setting this to 5 would result in an Iridium heartbeat every 5 hours.

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