An Organisation is used in Telematics Guru (TG) to separate different end clients. Partners can have many organisations. End users usually log into an organisation to view their assets.

Partners will need to create organisations for new customers.


To create a new organisation, the user needs the Organisation Manage and Organisation View permissions. If anything later in this article does not make sense, check your permissions.

Create an Organisation

  1. Log into TG
  2. Go to Admin->Organisations
  3. Click New
  4. Give the organisation a name
  5. An an optional comment
  6. Choose the type. ALR stands for Asset Locate and Recover. This is a cheaper subset of the TG functionality.
  7. Choose an email provider. The default is a good start
  8. Choose the SMS provider. It is disabled by default. Be careful of the SMS cost
  9. Under Customisation, choose the logo to use for the organisation
  10. Other settings are more advanced and can be left as defaults.
  11. Click Save.

User mappings

If an existing user needs to access this organisation, be sure to map the existing user to this organisation.

If you intend to create new users, ensure you switch to the new organisation before creating the user.