To monitor or track an asset, it must be created on Telematics Guru. 

Follow these steps for a basic setup:

  1. Login to Telematics Guru. 
  2. If you are mapped to multiple organisations, be sure to select or switch to the organisation you wish to create the asset in.
  3. Go to Assets->Manage Assets
  4. Click "Create New Asset"
  5. Enter the essential information as a starting point:
    • Give the asset a name
    • Enter the Device Serial. Omit leading zeros.
    • Press tab, or click in another field - the device Type will be detected and filled automatically (see image below). If it is not select your device type.

(Click this image to view a larger version)

  1. Other information can be entered as required, but is not essential for the device to start connecting and tracking.
  2. Click Save

The asset should now be setup. Telematics Guru will accept data from the device.


  • The asset may not appear on the map in the live view until data has been sent.
  • The IO Mappings are important for the correct operation of the device. The defaults are a good place to start. Take care when modifying them.
  • Be sure to understand the billing, explained here.