If you are receiving a device for the first time, this will explain what you need to do to get it online.

Don't hesitate to contact support to get more details about these steps.

  1. Getting Started Guide: check the knowledge base for the getting started guide. This will give you device specific pictures and information.
  2. SIM Card Details: you will usually need a SIM card to get the device online. Check the following:
    1. SIM Size: check on the SIM size. Most devices use the standard "mini-SIM" (2FF form factor). Some new devices use a "micro-SIM" (3FF form factor) or even "nano-sim" (4FF form factor)
    2. SIM Pin: to get started, ensure the PIN is disabled
    3. APN Details: get the APN details from the SIM provider, normally in the form of APN Name, APN Username, and APN Password
    4. Set APN Details: If the APN is not included in the AutoAPN feature of the firmware, contact support to help set it. Advanced users can set it by SMS: article 
    5. Active: ensure the SIM is activated.
    6. Data available: ensure there is data credit or prepaid balance on the SIM.
  3. Insert the SIM: pay attention to the orientation. Clip it in if necessary.
  4. Power up the Device: insert the batteries or connect external power
  5. Check OEM:  check that the device has come online using the OEM Server: article