If there is a Flexi-Cellular card in the Flexi1, you may need to get hold of the IMEI for the modem. There are a few options:

  1. Unscrew the card and read the IMEI number or scan the barcode directly off the modem sticker.
  2. Get the IMEI from the OEM Server. This requires the Flexi1 to have connected using the Flexi-Celluar card in question.
  3. Get the IMEI from the Flexi1 Debug Application:
    1. Run the debug application. Power the Flexi1 and connect it with a USB cable to the PC. More detail here: USB Debugging on Flexi1
    2. If the Flexi-Cellular card is recognised, it will attempt to do an upload on power up. 
    3. Look for a message like this in the debug window: "Modem IMEI: 354043054547411"
    4. Copy the IMEI number and use it as required.