The Flexi1 has a USB interface. This allows testing and debugging via the Config Tool Application.

A beta version of the application is attached to this article. You will need a Windows installation with .NET Framework 4.5.

To perform some basic debugging via USB:

  1. Power the Flexi1 from it's battery pack or an external source.
  2. The LED's on the Flexi1 should indicate that it is running.
  3. Plug a USB cable between the Flexi1 and the PC.
  4. Run the Flexi1 Config Tool.exe application
  5. If the PC recognises the Flexi1, the applications user interface should become active.
  6. Click "Status" to see that the Flexi1 is responsive.
  7. Below the "Set Debug Level" button, set the debug level to "Info". Then click "Set Debug Level".
  8. Observe the text outputs from the device.
  9. Use the various buttons to trigger actions on the Flexi1.


  1. The Flexi1 will not sleep or enter a low power state while the USB cable is plugged in.
  2. If certain behaviour is expected from a Flexi Card, it relies on the card being recognised by the Flexi1. Consider the possibility that the Flexi1 cannot identify the card, due to a faulty card or a faulty connector.