Driver Scoring

The Driver Scoring Report is available under the Fleet Reports section for organisations with the “Driver” functionality enabled.

The driver score is calculated as follows:

  • Each driver starts with a score of 100
  • Points are deducted for the number of restricted events per 100 kilometers/miles*
  • Each category has a maximum deduction, as detailed below (e.g. the maximum number of points a driver can lose for harsh acceleration is 15 points). The maximum possible score a driver can achieve, is 100.


Unit of measurement

Maximum Deduction

Harsh acceleration
Number of events per 100 km/miles
Harsh braking
Number of events per 100 km/miles
Harsh cornering
Number of events per 100 km/miles
Amount of time spent speeding as a percentage of the time in motion (drive time minus idle time)


Please note the following criteria for the Driver Scoring Report to be accessible and to return meaningful data:

  • The user’s organisation must have the “Driver” functionality enabled;
  • Drivers must be captured against trips – either manually, via a fixed driver per asset, or using driver ID tags;
  • The asset being used must be set to capture speeding, harsh events and excessive idling.

* depending on user settings

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